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Our mission is to bring together children from all over the world in an atmosphere of friendship and respect for each other’s cultures.

We do so by connecting children in artistic experience inspiring them to imagine a better future for themselves and their communities and providing them with the tools to help realize their aspirations.

While our priority is to serve the most disadvantaged children, making them aware of the new opportunities, we also believe that the project may also offer attractive perspectives and benefits for children from more stable and affluent backgrounds. Indeed, we think that the opportunity for children from various backgrounds to meet and develop friendships, give a promising  foundation for peace and understanding. 

One of the most striking things about the entire group of kids participating in the project is just how incredibly diverse they are in terms of geography, language, age, religion, and social background, as well as such elements as financial and family status and their sense of acceptance or exclusion from the society in which they live. This diversity is one of the most beautiful things about this project, and it creates both specific challenges and opportunities in the kids future lives.

Below you’ll find words and photos of our Brave Kids who will tell you about friendship in their own words.


  • So for me Brave Kids is a medium for experiencing deeper and stronger emotions. Brave Kids helps us to discover our future. We also make friends and build relations with people of whose existence we never heard before. I used to think like most of us. But now my attitude has changed and I am glad that Brave Kids changed it. It has not only changed how I treat emotions but it also changed how I look approach life. Before I had a routine School in the morning After school lunch After lunch theatre After theatre homework And so on But I wasn’t really living my life. I was doing these things because I was told to. Like with school - I used to go because my father wanted me to go. I used to do theatre because my brother was doing it. I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life, to live this beautiful life. But Brave Kids changed my whole imagination and the way I was living my life. Now I do things which make me happy and now I really want to get into it. This has helped me in developing my skills in my profession, in my studies. (...) Now I know how the Iranians drink tea, I have an Ukraine's traditional dress, and so on. Which has not only helped me, but made me happy and more curious about this world. Before I used to watch YouTube for fun. Now I use it to discover different things and learn about different cultures. This is not only the thing which has changed in me but now I know what to do in my life. What I have to do to make myself happy. Which is to make friends, to talk to them. To make them happy To make videos because I love the camera. To know more about the world. To know more about the cultures of the world. And all this has happened because of Brave Kids

    Sumit, India
  • When someone first told me about Brave Kids my brain ran on in creation of super hero characters who are brought together for positive social change. Well, it took me few more minutes to realize that Brave Kids is a combination of different cultures and beliefs from different countries through dance for educational purpose. This is what I figured out was the basic purpose and roots for this project. Brave Kids project destroys racism mentality that is created within minds of kids from different races e.g. as Joel Talemwa a black boy from Uganda, Africa I got this amazing experience when I was first racially discriminated so badly, but due to cultural connection, by the end of the project we became good friends till now, and this magically moved me and inspired my soul. Brave Kids project gives participants the environment for expression of feelings and skills. Love between each other is the most valued element in this project and also developing of family mentality through the use of host families that share exact love and care as biological parents.

    Joel, Uganda
  • Friendship in Brave Kids was so easy for me. I found many friends and it was like as if I've known them already for a long time, while it has been just a month and we felt so good and close together. Meeting so many people from so many countries was a really good experience for me. I thought that we were so different, but in the reality we all were together and I really enjoyed making friends with them and I’m so happy that I’ve been to Brave Kids. It was really good.

    Shaylin, Iran
  • Brave Kids is a wonderful experience, and I wish everyone could be part of such an incredible project. During Brave Kids I made many new friends, some of whom coming from countries that my country has not good relations with. This means I had the rare experience of meeting and befriending kids my age whom I wouldn't meet in any other way. Brave Kids was also crucial to my understanding of these foreign cultures, as many people from my country could and would not believe that my new friends are even worth talking to.

    Yotam, Israel
  • Last year in 2017 when we came to Slovakia, me and my group we saw all types of people. Because that was my first time out of India. In India when we see someone with black skin we stare at them. So when we saw Brazilian children for the first time, we didn’t like them. But in three weeks after spending some time with them - they taught us their dances and their culture, and then we became almost friends. I think that’s called friendship. Moreover, this was also a learning time for us.

    Indian Girl
  • Interpersonal relations are different, they are not always good, but Brave Kids is one of those places where friendships are very special. Of course, they were not like that at once. I've participated in Brave Kids twice, thanks to which I gained a lot of experience in getting to know foreigners. At the very beginning of the project, kids do not know each other, some look at others with a great interest and surprise. Only then everything begins. So that everybody can feel good in the group and make new friends, they must have a good ground for conversation and deeds. At the first workshop we got to learn our names, passions, favourite things, etc. We showed what we came with and we tried to add our performances into a great joint show. Then new friendships arise, funny situations happen and brotherhood and bonds are born. Of course, not everyone likes all other kids, some people do NOT like it very much, but the atmosphere of Brave Kids helps us respect each other and nobody wants to spoil the common achievements with quarrels. This project is so beautiful, that nobody wants to argue with others and everyone wants to live in friendship and community. During the project, this community works for everyone differently, some already feel it in the first days of the project, others during the Great Final, and some even after the project. This is why at the end of Brave Kids everyone feels happy because of unusual friendships and perceiving the beauty of this world, where everyone lives in harmony and friendship. We are friends forever. Brave Kids would remain forever in my heart as it has given me a unique experience of my whole life.

    Max, Poland

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